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joe cole vans parked outside of their company location ready to provide plumbing services


About Joe Cole Plumbing

Joe Cole has over 40+ years working for well known plumbing companies, however, in 2007 he decided it was time to run his own company. He wanted to make a difference in the industry. Today, Joe Cole Plumbing has built a reputation for their quality craftsmanship and has become the preferred plumber of choice by various contractors, manufacturers and home owners across the South Florida region.

Joe Cole’s philosophy is all about quality and great customer service.The experience, accountability and passion that is embedded in each of our employees is what separates our company from the rest.

While it shares many of the same traits as most of the powerful plumbing businesses, Joe Cole Plumbing is unique in many ways, just starting by its humble beginnings, which benefit the customer as Joe Cole Plumbing  fully understands where they are coming from.  Joe’s customers usually comment on how courteous and professional the staff is and how they trust and feel comfortable when they need to visit them.

The reason for this is that our technicians are amongst the most trained in the field, Joe Cole Plumbing is known for his high investment in human capital, so it makes sense that not every technician  can pass the strict requirements when he comes to work for us .  Technicians always clean up after themselves and even wear shoe covers when needed, but what really gives them their uniqueness is that they have been with us for many years and understand that we are a family, which  is what allows them to deliver the best service for your plumbing needs.