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Slab Leak Detection & Repair

Keep your foundation dry and stable with leak solutions!

Slab Leak Services In Davie

Davie, FL, Slab Leak Detection Services

If you’ve ever experienced plumbing issues, chances are the problem was likely a leak. Leaky pipes are a common hassle many Florida homeowners experience. However, some forms of leaking water are more problematic than others. A slab leak fits in this category, causing extensive damage if not handled properly.

Joe Cole Plumbing is proud to serve Davie, FL, and surrounding communities. We specialize in a range of services dedicated to protecting your plumbing system and home. Our efficient repair and detection services can correct water loss beneath slabs, leaving you with an excellent plumbing system.

What Is A Slab Leak?

A slab leak is a leak that forms underneath concrete slab foundations. Water and sewer lines can run beneath the foundation of your home. If these lines experience damage or deteriorate over time, they may release water as a result.

These leaks can be detrimental if they aren’t identified in a timely manner. It’s crucial to have an experienced plumber — like those at Joe Cole Plumbing — handle this issue if you suspect a leak is present beneath your home.

Common Causes Of A Slab Leak

The plumbing underneath your slab isn’t invincible. Various factors and conditions can impact the quality of the water lines, leading to pipe damage and water loss.

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Understanding what can cause a slab leak is crucial to monitor your overall plumbing system. A few common causes of a slab leak in Florida include:

  • Soil movement or shifting
  • Pressure on pipes
  • Poor installation
  • Foundation movement
  • Pipe abrasion
  • Outdated plumbing materials

Repair services are essential if a leak has formed under your concrete foundation. It’s critical to take quick action to minimize repair needs and prevent extensive damage from occurring.

Joe Cole Plumbing offers plumbing solutions to ensure your home remains in safe condition.

Signs You May Have A Slab Leak In Your Home

Since you can’t directly view the water lines under your home, it can be challenging to determine if a leak is present. Luckily, your house and plumbing system will show a few signs when the issue occurs. Being aware of the common indicators will safeguard your plumbing system and prevent costly damage.

High Water Bills

Your water costs shouldn’t fluctuate too often — except for summers when water use is inevitably higher. However, if you notice an unexpected spike in your monthly bill, it might be due to a leaking slab.

If you experience an increase in your water bill, contact Joe Cole Plumbing for assistance. We’ll determine if the issue relates to your plumbing system or stems from a leak underneath your foundation.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure may seem like a small problem, but it can indicate a much larger plumbing issue. When an active leak is present, it allows water to escape and prevents it from flowing through your water lines. This issue creates inefficient water pressure throughout your home.

Cracks In Walls And Foundation

When a slab leak goes unnoticed, it can wreak havoc on your home. As water infiltrates the soil around your house, it causes shifts, resulting in foundation settling and structural damage. Look out for cracks in your interior walls and foundation — tell-tale signs that something is wrong.

Sound Of Running Water

If you’ve ever heard a running water sound when all of your fixtures are off, it may be a cause for concern. This serene white noise might sound like a supernatural visitor, but it could actually be a sign that your concrete slab is leaking.

Our dependable plumbing team can assess your home and determine the source of the sound!

Turn To Joe Cole Plumbing For Slab Leak Repair And Service

Joe Cole Plumbing is here to serve you year-round! With membership options and financing opportunities, our experts have solutions to solve your water-related woes.

Leaking slab foundations are an easy fix with our team at your assistance. Contact us today to schedule your next slab leak detection or repair service!

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