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Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

Plumbing Questions? Ask Our Team!

When you’re stumped by a particularly tricky plumbing problem, let our FAQ page be a resource. If we don’t answer your question here, we’ll be happy to over the phone or come to your home to address the issue!

How Do I Prevent Pipe Corrosion From The Salty Air And Soil?

South Florida’s coastal environment can accelerate pipe corrosion due to the salty air and soil. Properly insulating pipes and using corrosion-resistant materials like PVC or copper can help extend their lifespan. Alternatively, you may want to consider a whole house repiping to replace aging pipes.

What Plumbing Updates Should I Make For Hurricane Preparedness?

Installing a water backflow prevention valve and elevating appliances like tankless water heaters can protect your plumbing system from flooding during hurricanes. We also advise having a plumber inspect your system annually.

Why Are My Pipes Making Knocking Or Banging Noises?

Loud knocking or banging from pipes is often caused by water hammer from improper air chambers or high water pressure. Installing air chambers or a pressure reducer can usually resolve this noise. It’s also a good idea to have a slab leak detection done to rule out any leaks under the slab.

How Can I Lower My Monthly Water Bills?

Leaky pipes and fixtures are a common culprit for high water bills. Having a plumber perform a leak detection service and replacing old toilets and appliances like garbage disposals with newer models can reduce water usage significantly.

Why Does My Drain Keep Clogging?

Frequent drain clogs may be due to accumulating hair, grease, mineral buildup or even tree roots infiltrating the pipes. Hydrojet drain cleaning is an effective way to thoroughly clear out tough drain blockages.