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Servicing / repairing existing fixtures

We can repair old obsolete faucets, shower valves and tub valves that many plumbers would give up on. Our experienced service team has a vast network of suppliers that can provide that impossible to find part. While other plumbers may try to sell you a new fixture, we will do everything possible to repair your existing fixture in the effort to save you, our valued customer, more money.

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Water heaters

We service and install all types of Water Heaters, both Commercial and Residential Heaters including Tankless, Electric, Hybrid, Gas and Solar Water Heaters. We also perform preventive maintenance on heaters so they can work at maximum efficiency. Should you lose hot water to your home or your water heater begins leaking after hours, we always have a 24/7 emergency service team on standby ready to assist!

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Process piping

Our Plumbers are trained in all aspects of Process Piping. We have installed Acid Waste Systems, Chemical Waste, Oxygen, Air, Medical Gas System Piping, Chlorine Piping as well as Sugar, Brine and Syrup Systems for companies like Coca Cola and Laboratories in Universities.

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Backflow recertification's

State Law requires all commercial buildings to have their Backflow Preventers recertified every year, We perform hundreds of these recertification’s yearly and because we do so many of them we can be extremely competitive with our pricing. Contact our office and we can put you on a yearly program that can keep your utility provider from shutting your water off because your Backflow Preventer has ignored

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Garbage disposals

Food disposal units are similar to automobiles in that they can range in price from a Volkswagen to a Cadillac. Why pay for something you don’t need. We will never sell you something you do not need. We handle every brand made, Insinkerator, Waste King, Franke, Kenmore, Whirlpool and others. From competitive models to the insulated, quiet high horsepower models. Let our staff recommend a unit that fits every budget

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We offer repiping for both Commercial and Residential projects. We can do an entire high?rise Apartment Building or a simple Loop reroute. If you find you have a high water bill chances are you have a water leak. Call us and we’ll find in. We always do no exceptions. No one is better at it than we are. We have been involved in over 11,000 repipes and always find a way to minimize the wall and ceiling penetrations to be as least intrusive as possible in an effort to protect your home.

Plumbing Company Fort Lauderdale

Video sewer inspections

We have multiple Video Cameras’ that can perform and record an inspection of that troublesome piping system. What separates us from the rest is our Plumbers are trained in their use. Our equipment is top of the line and we don’t just hand our employees the inspection equipment we spend hours training them in their use. Don’t be fooled. To perform an accurate inspection one needs to be well versed in the various plumbing system and the use of the camera. Let’s surmise it by using this example. Owning a camera doesn’t make you a photographer. Same goes for Sewer Inspections. Being well informed allows our clients to make better financial decisions as to who ismost qualified to help you in your time of need.

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Expert witness testimony

We provide expert witness testimony for all aspects of plumbing including but not limited to Contract Documents, Critical Path Schedules, Liquidated Damages, Contract Disputes, Product Failure, Installation Failure, Specification Review and Permitting. We have provided Expert Testimony for firms like U.S. Brass, Plastomatics, Vangard, Bow, Admiral Marine, Comfortzone Heaters and many Home Owners as well. Contact our office for a copy of our C.V.

Plumbing Company Fort Lauderdale
Plumbing Company Fort Lauderdale

Commercial & industrial plumbing

We have installed Plumbing in a multitude of Commercial and Industrial Buildings. From companies like Motorola, Coca Cola, FIU Labs, High School Labs, Dentist and Doctors’ offices, Operating rooms, Rain Harvesting Systems and Solar Systems

Gas piping

We can provide Gas Piping installations for Homes and Business’s. We have completed hundreds of Gas Systems for both Homes and Restaurants We also perform repairs on existing systems and are experienced in gas leaks. We can install the most complex Gas System or run a single line to that new Generator or BBQ you may have. We are 24/7 emergency responders for any gas leaks that may arise.

Plumbing Company Fort Lauderdale
Plumbing Company Fort Lauderdale

Medical gas piping

We have several Medical Gas Certified Installers on staff that are qualified to install Medical Gas Systems. We have built Surgery Operating Rooms, Rehab Room, Out Patient Facilities, Dental Offices, Hospital and Vetinnary Hospitals. This field of expertise requires additional education and testing that continues even after becoming certified. One must pass the rigors of a difficult test and then maintain continuing education requirements every 6 months to remain Certified. Our Certified Tech’s are dedicated to the classroom and work exhaustively maintaining their Certification in their field of expertise. We offer 24/7 emergency service for all Medical Gas.

Stoppages/ sewer jetting

All of our fleet of Trucks are equipped with an arsenal of sewer cleaning equipment. We have top of the line equipment that is maintained to stay on the cutting edge. We can snake lines up to 12 inch in diameter. We also offer Jetting Services. We have several Restaurants that are on a maintenance schedule to keep them running smoothly. Contact our office for rates, we trust you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable we can be.

We realize how important a quick response time is when you are experiencing a stoppage. We prioritize stoppages so you will receive immediate service in your time of need. We offer 24/7 emergency service with a team on standby to handle stoppages so if you ever need us in an after-hours emergency, please give us a call! You can count on Joe Cole Plumbing to be there when you need them.

Plumbing Company Fort Lauderdale
Plumbing Company Fort Lauderdale

Design build services

We offer design services for both Homeowners and Architects. We can take the simplest concept and develop it into a completely designed plumbing system. We can help prepare budget numbers for future ideas you may have and offer suggestions with respect to your plumbing concerns.

Water alarms

With over 35 years in this business I have personally seen the damage a broken plumbing part can cause. We have seen wood floors ruined, furniture, art collections and walls and ceilings damaged beyond repair from broken waterlines.

I have personally experienced a serious flood in my home that not only damaged everything on our 1st floor level but even more damaging was a fall I took as I stepped off the carpeted stairs onto wet tile and fractured my neck. As I healed from neck surgery I promised myself I would seek out the best Automatic Water Shutoff System known to mankind. After 6 months of researching everything on the market and testing various systems I found I hit pay dirt.

After extensive research I found a company I am proud to be associated with. That company is called "WaterCop". We now are their South Florida Distributor.

The Water Cop is a wireless activated system that can shut off the water when a leak is detected which can minimize your loss. Contact our office for more information on this system that can also reduce your homeowner’s premiem. It is a win / win system. Safety for your most expensive possession and a reduced Insurance premium as well.

Plumbing Company Fort Lauderdale
Plumbing Company Fort Lauderdale


Our company has completed more Restaurants in the tri?county area than we can count. From small Pizza joints to Restaurants like the Cheese Cake Factory, Zuma's in the Epic Hotel, Paul's Bakery, Morikato at Bal Harbour Shops, Carpaccio's, Yogurt Crazy, Fisher Island Club, Bubba Gump Shrimp, Trattoria on Fisher Island and many many more. We pride ourselves on getting these done on time and within budget. After all a restaurant that is late opening leaves thousands of dollars on the table in lost revenue everyday it is not up and running. We recognize that time is of the essence in building restaurants.

Autocad drawings for permitting

We offer Cad Drawings for various Architects and Engineers. We can draw the various systems (Sanitary, Grease Waste, Water Distribution and Gas Systems. Being Contractors as well helps expedite this process and gets the drawing to permitting quicker and time is money. Call us if we can be of any assistance in designing your plumbing system and transposing those ideas into drawings

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